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Notice on Academic Report by Dr.Daniel Barreto of Edinburgh Napier University

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 Title: A detailed overview of recent experimental and numerical research on the behaviour of granular materials

DrDaniel Barreto 
 Edinburgh Napier University
2012-5-28    14:00-15:30
The most conventional numerical approaches used in geotechnical design assume that soils behave as a continuum (i.e. like rubber or metal). However it is well recognised that all features of soil behaviour including stiffness degradation and anisotropic behaviour (i.e. dependency on load direction) are a consequence of the particulate nature of soils. Hence since its invention in the late 70’s the use of the Distinct Element Method (DEM) has become very popular amongst geotechnical researchers as it allows particles to translate, rotate and break via interactions at their inter-particle contacts.
This talk will present recent research performed at Edinburgh Napier University using DEM related to the anisotropic response of granular materials under generalised stress states. In particular the influence of inter-particle friction on simulated true triaxial tests will be discussed in detail. Recent insights gained from DEM simulation of failure conditions for soil under cyclic loading conditions will be also presented. The talk will conclude by showing experimental and numerical results of very innovative procedures carried out to interpret and assess the effect of particle dissolution on soil behaviour.
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