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Notice on Academic Report by Dr.Lars Andresen of NGI

Editor: 系统管理员 Date: 2015-11-02 Hits: 89

Title:FEA in Offshore Foundation Design

Speaker:Lars Andresen 

Time:Nov.6th 14:30-15:30pm

 Venue:A322,Anzhong Building

 A short biography:

Lars Andresen is presently Managing Director at NGI, in the Computational Geomechanics Division. He has been part of the NGI management team since 2007. He started his career at NGI in 1994, working with soil mechanics and foundation engineering assignments both on land and offshore. Over the years, he specialized in numerical analysis of geomechanical behavior while gaining at the same time wide experience in leadership of large consulting and research projects in Norway and abroad, and in the management of a division at NGI. He is also active in EU-research projects and represents NGI on different boards of administration and committees.Lars Andresen holds a MSc in civil engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and a PhD from the University of Oslo, Institute for Geosciences, with a thesis on the "Capacity analyses of anisotropic and strain-softening clay".Lars Andresen takes over the leadership of NGI by 2nd January 2012.

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