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Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources

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The Institute of Hydrology and Water Resources of Zhejiang University, which was established in 1998, now has a research team consisting of three professors, two associate professors and several lecturers and post-doctors. All members of the team have experience of studying abroad, and have established long-term cooperation with the research teams of many world-class universities, such as Stanford University, University of Illinois, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California Irvine, Imperial College London, University of Bristol, Delft University of Technology, University of Twente and The University of Melbourne etc. The institute has long been engaged in hydrological extremes mechanism, distributed hydrological models, flood risk management, impact mechanism of rainfall movement on hillslope runoff generation, water resources carrying capacity and sustainable development, impact assessment of water conservancy project on ecosystem, sediment erosion and deposition, and water environment. A large number of innovative talents in hydrology and water resources have been cultivated here and there are more than 30 postgraduates studying for master's degree and doctoral degree at present. In recent years, the institute has undertaken more than 60 national and provincial research projects, including the National 863 Program, the National Science and Technology Support Project, the National Key Research and Development Plan, several major projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and, the Talent Project and major projects of Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation. Besides its strong research foundation, the institute also has good experimental installations and equipment, including a variety of indoor and portable field monitoring instruments, such as large high-performance server and parallel machines, automatic weather station, soil moisture, temperature and runoff meter, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), Global Positioning System (GPS), chromatography of liquid, gas and ions, atomic absorption spectrometry, TOC analyzer and ultraviolet and infrared spectrophotometer. In addition, the institute has perfect laboratories of water resources, water environment and GIS, and is equipped with geo-hydrological computation and simulation platform, professional water resources and water environment analysis software, geographic information system software (ArcGIS) and PRECIS regional climate model.


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