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Research Center of Coastal and Urban Geotechnical Engineering

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    Research Center of Coastal and Urban Geotechnical Engineering was established on October 23rd, 2012. As an important part of geotechnical engineering discipline in Zhejiang University, the research center mainly engages in research, teaching and social service of coastal and urban geotechnical engineering. At present, there are 29 members in the center, including 17 full-time faculty members (10 professors and 7 associate professors, all of whom have obtained Ph.D. degree); 12 part-time employees (5 on campus and 7 off campus). There are 62 doctoral students and 68 master students studying in the center. A Professor Committee with 10 center members is set up for deciding major issues, and an Academic Committee composing of experts from both inside and outside of the center (no less than 1/3 outside experts) is set up to discuss and decide on academic affairs concerning the scientific research and discipline development of the center.

    Six research branches are included in Research Center of Coastal and Urban Geotechnical Engineering: soft soil foundation treatment, soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, underground engineering, pile foundation engineering, marine geotechnical engineering and engineering geological disaster prevention.

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