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Notice on Academic Report by Dr. Konstantinos Ampountolas of Glasgow University

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Title:Macroscopic traffic flow modelling and control of heterogeneous cities with multi-sensor data
Speaker:Konstantinos Ampountolas
Time:29th June, 10:30-11:30 am
Venue:A322 Anzhong Building
Presentation Abstract :
Mobility and transportation are two of the leading indicators of economic growth of a society. Traffic congestion has a significant impact on our daily lives as it directly affects the productivity, health and environment, which call for drastic and radical solutions. Control of traffic congestion has attracted a lot of research attention during the past few decades. Conventional traffic management faces limitations but the introduction of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies and new sensing hardware promise significant progress in reducing the congestion level in cities. Nevertheless, modelling and control of heterogeneous cities with multiple attractions/regions of congestion remain a big challenge, due to the high unpredictability of choices of travellers, the uncertainty in their reactions to the control, and the spatiotemporal propagation of congestion. In this talk, we macroscopically describe the traffic dynamics in heterogeneous cities with multi-sensor data. We present results on two modelling variations for unimodal (car only) and bimodal (car and bus) cities that can be integrated in advanced traffic management schemes for zone or perimeter control. The heterogeneous network of Downtown San Francisco is used to test the proposed models and control schemes. Our research seeks to shed some light in the realistic modelling and efficient control of traffic flow for overcrowded heterogeneous networks.
Short Biography:
Dr. Konstantinos Ampountolas is a Lecturer of Transportation Engineering in the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow. He received the Dipl.- Eng. degree in Industrial Engineering, and MSc, PhD degrees in Operations Research, all from the Technical University of Crete, Greece. Before to joining Glasgow, he was research fellow at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland and visiting research scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include traffic flow modelling, simulation and control, the development of advanced traffic management systems, and urban informatics. Dr. Ampountolas serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Transportation Research Procedia and Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. He is co-Investigator of the Urban Big Data Centre funded by ESRC, UK. 



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