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Notice on Academic Report by Dr. Hanqing Jiang of Arizona State University

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Title:Origami and Kirigami - Fusion of Arts and Engineering:

Deformable Electronics and Metamaterials

Speaker::Hanqing Jiang

Time:10:00-11:30   July 16, 2017

Venue: Anzhong Building A326


This presentation talks about the deformable electronics and metamaterials of the batteries by Origami and Kirigami - Fusion of arts.  The first part demonstrates the fabrication of origami electronics that has superb flexible, stretchability and foldability. The fabrication processes here represent an example to utilize mainstream high-temperature processes to fabricate high-performance stretchable electronics.  Three examples, namely origami solar cells, origami lithium ion batteries, and kirigami batteries will be presented.  The second part describes mechanical metamaterials created by origami in terms of their basic geometric and stiffness properties, as well as load bearing capability.  A periodic Miura-ori pattern and a non-periodic Ron Resch pattern will be presented.  Unexceptional coexistence of positive and negative Poisson’s ratio are found for Miura-ori pattern, which are consistent with the interesting shear behavior and infinity bulk modulus of the same pattern.  Unusually strong load bearing capability of the Ron Resch pattern will be discussed due to the unique way of folding. The third part presents the fabrication of microscale origami. This work paves the way to explore new and exciting engineering applications of origami.


Dr. Hanqing Jiang is a Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Arizona State University. He received Ph.D. from Tsinghua University in 2001, majoring in Solid Mechanics. His current research interest is the integrated hard and soft material, specifically including origami electronics, lithium-ion batteries, and hydrogels. He has published 5 book chapters and over 100 peer-reviewed journal papers, including multi-disciplinary journals (Science, PNAS, Nature Communications), materials journals (Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials), nano journals (Nature Nanotechnology, Nano Letters), physics journals (PRL, PRB, APL, JAP), and mechanics journals (JMPS, IJP, IJSS, JAM). Many of his papers are among the top cited papers in mechanics and/or mechanical engineering communities.

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