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Notice on Academic Report by Dr. Weiwei LIN of Waseda University

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TitleRehabilitation   and Strengthening of Old Steel Railay Bridges in Japan

SpeakerDr. Weiwei LIN

Time3:30PM, Aug. 21st, 2017

VenueAnzhong Building B711


Dr. Weiwei LIN is a member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Waseda University, holding the associate professorship. He has authored and co-authored over 80 academic articles dealing with the problems of structural mechanics and bridge engineering, especially for the steel structures and steel-concrete composite structures. He is a member of several engineering committees, like ASCE, JSCE, IABSE, IABMAS, and IALCCE etc. He is the recipient of IABMAS YOUNG PRIZE of 2014.

Presentation Abstract:

This talk will focus on amethod of preventative strengthening for aged short-span railway bridges in Japan. It will begin with a look at the current situation and some typical damage examples to old Japanese bridge structures. A strengthening method using rubber- latex mortar, GFRP plates, lightweight rapid hardening concrete and reinforcing bars will then be introduced. This method has been tested on two railway bridges, one in service for nearly a hundred years, the second for eighty-six, using static loading and impact tests. Stress variation on the railway bridges under running trains has also measured and the effectiveness of the strengthening method under real service conditions tested. Numerical simulations have been made of both laboratory and field tests. The talk will conclude with the use of the method to strengthen joints in railway bridges or strengthen aged column structures.

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