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Notice on Academic Report by Dr.Asif Usmani of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Title: Insights on modelling structures in fire and recent developments in OpenSees

SpeakerProfessor Asif Usmani

 Professor and Head of the Department of Buildings Services Engineering at Hong Kong                                Polytechnic University

Time930 am-1130am, August 18, 2017 

VenueAnzhong Building A326


Asif Usmani has been Professor and Head of the Department of Buildings Services Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University since August 2016. Before joining PolyU he was Professor of Structural Engineering at Brunel University London and at University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. The key theme of his research has been the development and application of computational methods for solving engineering problems, such as modelling of flow, heat transfer and solidification of castings in his early career to the simulation of the collapse of tall buildings in large fires more recently. His current work is focussed on developing an integrated computational environment for simulation of structures in fire on the OpenSees platform.

Presentation Abstract:

This lecture will provide an overview of modelling structural response to fire, providing insights into the peculiarities of structural response to fire with a discussion of the common pitfalls in modelling it. The most onerous and still unresolved computational challenges that need the attention of the research community will be discussed next in the context of current trends in structures in fire research. The audience will also be provided with an update on the development work on OpenSees aimed at providing an integrated computational platform for simulation of structural response to realistic fires. This development will enable students, researchers and practitioners easy access to a user-friendly tool to carry out simple to moderately complex simulations of structural frames in fire.

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