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Notice on Academic Report by Professor Fang Zhong

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2017-10-20 Hits: 56

Title:Gluing Process Simulation in Railway Ballast

Speaker:Professor Fang Zhong

  National Cheng Kung University

Time:9:30-10:45, Oct.25th.2017 

Venue:Anzhong Building B226


Gluing solution distribution in a realistic railway ballasts is investigated numerically. The rheological characteristics of the gluing solution is accounted for by using a coupled elasto-visco-plastic stress model with an asymptotic time-increasing viscosity. The railway ballast is accomplished by using the vertex identification technique, in which the regulations of the gravel composition in ballast practice are followed. Specifically, a uniformly distributed one and a segregated one induced by the difference in gravel size and gravel shape are generated. The rheological model of the gluing solution and two-fold ballasts are incorporated into the finite element code of ANSYS? to study the flow characteristics and time-dependent solidification process of the gluing solution in the multi-connected conducts spanned by the gravels.


In the present study, influence of the gluing solution layout, the amount of gluing solution, gravel segregation and percolation ability of solidified ballast are discussed. The presented work provides an integrated method for the estimation of the gluing solution distribution in a ballast, and for optimal layout of the gluing solution arrangement a priori gluing practice.

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