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Notice on Academic Report by Prof. Chung Fang

Editor: 熊思尘 Date: 2018-12-14 Hits: 22

Title:Granular Matter: the physics and applications in  civil engineering

Reporter:Prof. Chung Fang,Department of Civil EngineeringNational Cheng Kung University


Beginning with the definition and brief introductions of granular matter, we focus on the fascinating physics of this innovate substance. Up-to-date physical interpretations, however incomplete, are given for various experimental observations, which remain open for further challenges and developments. Five typical problems and their states or art are summarized and addressed to show the applications of granular matter in almost every branch of civil engineering.

The aim of the presentation is to provide a general introduction to granular matter in the context of civil engineering. The faculty, graduate and under-graduate students are welcome to the presentation.

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